What NOT to Recycle

Posted on Tuesday December 16, 2014
The company that receives the Township’s recycling material reports an increase in unacceptable items at nearly all of its facilities. Mixing unacceptable material with recyclables jeopardizes the usability of the recycled supply chain.

Cheltenham Township officials congratulate the many residents who are dedicated recyclers in the township’s curbside collection program. Their efforts support the Sustainable Cheltenham goal for a more resilient and environmentally friendly community.

However, ReCommunity Recycling, the company that receives the township’s recycling material, reports that nearly all of its facilities are experiencing an increase in unacceptable items.  Mixing unacceptable material with recyclables degrades the quality of the entire recycling stream, jeopardizing the usability of recycled materials throughout the supply chain.

ReCommunity identified a “Dirty Dozen” of the most common non-recyclable offenders. Number one is plastic bags, which should NOT be included in township recycling carts, not even if the bags contain appropriate recyclables. The remaining non-recyclable items on the list are:

·        Shredded paper, which sticks to sorting belts and falls into machinery

·        Scrap metal of any size

·        Hazardous waste, such as paint, car batteries, pesticides and automotive fluids

·        Bio-hazardous waste, including diapers, sanitary products, syringes and needles

·        Non-recyclable plastics, including plastic lids and Styrofoam®

·        Flattened cans and plastic containers, which sorting machinery mistakes for paper. Don’t crush cans and plastic containers.

·        Plastic caps/lids on glass bottles and jars, which should be removed and discarded with trash

·        Liquids, which can drip, splatter or explode when not emptied from recyclable containers

·        Ceramics or non-recyclable glass, including dishes, china, mirrors, light bulbs and window glass

·        Frozen food containers, including any paperboard boxes that were designed for frozen foods, such as frozen pizza and dinners.

Consider posting ReCommunity fliers (attached) about what should and should not be recycled in the Township’s curbside recycling program near recycling carts as helpful reminders.  For more information, contact the Public Works Department at 215-635-4600.


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