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Agenda & Minutes - Board of Commissioners
Archived: 2018
June 2018Agenda   
Special Meeting June 2018Agenda    Minutes   
May 2018Agenda    Minutes   
April 2018Agenda    Minutes   
March 2018 - RescheduledAgenda    Minutes   
February 2018Agenda    Minutes   
Special Meeting February 2018Agenda    Minutes   
January 2018Agenda    Minutes   
Reorganization Meeting 2018Agenda    Minutes   
Archived: 2017
December 2017Agenda    Minutes   
November 2017Agenda    Minutes   
Presidents 2018 Budget Message MeetingAgenda    Minutes   
October 2017Agenda    Minutes   
September 2017Agenda    Minutes   
August 2017Agenda    Minutes   
July 2017Agenda    Minutes   
June 2017Agenda    Minutes   
Special Meeting June 2017Agenda    Minutes   
May 2017Agenda    Minutes   
April 2017Agenda    Minutes   
March 2017Agenda    Minutes   
February 2017Agenda    Minutes   
January 2017Agenda    Minutes   
Reorganization Meeting 2017Agenda    Minutes   
Archived: 2016
December 2016Agenda    Minutes   
November 2016Agenda    Minutes   
Presidents 2017 Budget Message MeetingAgenda    Minutes   
October 2016Agenda    Minutes   
September 2016Agenda    Minutes   
August 2016Agenda    Minutes   
July 2016Agenda    Minutes   
June 2016Agenda    Minutes   
May 2016Agenda    Minutes   
April 2016Agenda    Minutes   
March 2016Agenda    Minutes   
February 2016Agenda   
February 2016 Minutes   
January 2016Agenda   
January 2016 Minutes   
January 2016Agenda   
January 2016 Minutes   
Archived: 2015
December 2015Agenda   
December 2015 Minutes   
November 2015Agenda   
November 2015 Minutes   
November 2015Agenda   
November 2015 Minutes   
October 2015 Minutes   
October 2015Agenda   
September 2015 Minutes   
September 2015Agenda   
August 2015 Minutes   
August 2015Agenda   
July 2015 Minutes   
July 2015Agenda   
June 2015Agenda   
June 2015 Minutes   
May 2015Agenda   
May 2015 Minutes   
April 2015 Minutes   
April 2015 Minutes   
April 2015 Minutes   
March 2015 Minutes   
March 2015Agenda    More...
February 2015 Minutes   
February 2015Agenda   
Special Meeting Feb 2Agenda   
Special February 2015 Minutes   
January 2015 Minutes   
January 2015Agenda    More...
Organization January 2015Agenda   
Organization January 2015 Minutes   
Archived: 2014
DECEMBER 2014 Minutes   
December 2014Agenda   
November 2014Agenda   
November 2014 Minutes   
President's 2015 Budget Message Minutes   
President's Budget Message 2014Agenda   
October 2014 Minutes   
October 2014Agenda   
September 2014 Minutes   
September 2014Agenda   
Special Meeting September 2014Agenda   
Special Meeting September 2014 Minutes   
August 2014 Minutes   
August 2014Agenda   
Special Meeting August 2014 Minutes   
Special Meeting August 2014Agenda    More...
July 2014 Minutes   
July 2014Agenda   
June 2014 Minutes   
June 2014Agenda   
May 2014Agenda    More...
May 2014 Minutes   
April 2014Agenda   
March 2014Agenda   
March 2014 Minutes   
February 2014Agenda   
February 2014 Minutes   
January 2014Agenda   
January 2014 Minutes   
January 2014Agenda   
January 2014Agenda   
January 2014 Minutes   
Archived: 2013
December 2013 Minutes   
December 2013Agenda   
November 2013Agenda    Minutes   
November 2013Agenda   
November 2013 Minutes   
October 2013Agenda   
October 2013 Minutes   
September 2013Agenda   
September 2013 Minutes   
August 2013 Minutes   
August 2013Agenda   
July 2013 Minutes   
July 2013Agenda   
June 2013 Minutes   
June 2013 Minutes   
June 2013Agenda   
May 2013Agenda   
May 2013 Minutes   
April 2013Agenda   
April 2013 Minutes   
March 2013Agenda   
March 2013 Minutes   
February 2013Agenda   
February 2013 Minutes   
January 2013Agenda   
January 2013Agenda    Minutes   
January 2013 Organization Minutes   
January 2013 OrganizationAgenda   
Archived: 2012
December 2012 Special Minutes   
December 2012 SpecialAgenda   
December 2012Agenda   
December 2012 Minutes   
November 2012Agenda   
November 2012 Minutes   
November 2012 Budget Message Minutes   
November 2012 Budget MessageAgenda   
October 2012 Minutes   
October 2012Agenda   
September 2012Agenda   
September 2012 Minutes   
August 2012Agenda   
August 2012 Minutes   
July 2012 Minutes   
July 2012Agenda   
June 2012 Minutes   
June 2012Agenda   
May 2012Agenda   
May 2012 Minutes   
April 2012Agenda    Minutes   
March 2012Agenda   
March 2012 Minutes   
February 2012Agenda   
February 2012 Minutes   
January 2012Agenda   
January Reorganization 2012Agenda   
January 2012 Minutes   
Archived: 2011
December 2011 Minutes   
December 2011Agenda   
November 2011Agenda   
November 2011 Minutes   
November 2011 Minutes   
November 2011Agenda   
October 2011 Minutes   
October 2011Agenda   
September 2011 Minutes   
September 2011Agenda   
August 2011 Minutes   
August 2011 Minutes   
August 2011Agenda   
July 2011Agenda    Minutes   
June 2011 Minutes   
June 2011Agenda   
May 2011Agenda    Minutes   
April 2011 Minutes   
April 2011Agenda   
March 2011 Minutes   
March 2011Agenda   
February 2011 Minutes   
February Agenda 2011Agenda   
reorg2011.pdf Minutes   
reorgagenda2011.pdf Minutes   
January 2011 AgendaAgenda   
January 2011 Minutes   
Archived: 2010
December 2010 Minutes   
December 2010 AgendaAgenda   
November 1010 Minutes   
September 2010 Minutes   
Budgetmessage.pdf Minutes   
October 2010 Minutes   
Budgetmessage10.pdf Minutes   
August 2010 Minutes   
July 2010 Minutes   
June 2010 Minutes   
May 2010 Minutes   
April 2010 Minutes   
March 2010 Minutes   
February 2010 Minutes   
January 2010 Minutes   
Archived: 2009
December 2009 Minutes   
November 2009 Minutes   
October 2009 Minutes   
September 2009 Minutes   
August 2009 Minutes   
July 2009 Minutes   
June 2009 Minutes   
May 2009 Minutes   
April 2009 Minutes   
March 2009 Minutes   
February 2009 Minutes   
January 2009 Minutes   
Archived: 2008
November 2008 Minutes   

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