Tookany Creek Parkway & Recreational Facilities Closed 24/7
September 2017 - To protect public safety, Cheltenham Township officials have  completely closed the Tookany Creek Parkway and all adjacent recreational facilities 24/7 during the sanitary sewer project to replace Interceptor A at that location. Tookany Creek Parkway is closed between Beryl Road and Central Avenue until approximately Memorial Day 2018.

Motor vehicles, pedestrians, joggers, bikers, etc., may not access the roadway or adjacent parks and trails at any time until further notice. Barriers have been installed on Tookany Parkway at Beryl Road and Central Avenue to prevent admittance.

When the sanitary sewer project first began, access was allowed during evenings and weekends. However, the continuing excavation has made the project area too dangerous to permit access at any time.

No public is permitted on the pedestrian trail/path on both sides of the creek between Jenkintown Road and Central Avenue, in the Tookany Park Playground, on Veterans Fields or in the Kleinheinz Pond parking lot. These full-time closures will remain in effect for numerous weeks until this section of the sanitary sewer replacement project is completed.

As previously noted, Gimbel Field off Harrison Avenue remain closed to the public for the duration of the entire replacement project.
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