Cheltenham's Bond Rating

Click here for Moody’s July 13, 2015 report disclosing Cheltenham Township’s Aa2 rating on the $10M General Obligation Refunding Bonds, Series Aa2.

Your Taxes

Breakdown of Cheltenham Township 2015 Real Estate Tax Dollar

  • 79.83% (42.6856 Mills)
    Cheltenham School District (2014-15 School Year)

  • 14.41% (7.8846 Mills)
    Cheltenham Township

  • 5.76% (3.1502 Mills)
    Montgomery County
Delinquent Taxes/Fees

Cheltenham Township has hired Portnoff Law Associates (866-211-9466) to collect delinquent real estate taxes starting with taxes due in 2011, per Ordinance 2229-11. Identify the property location as Cheltenham Township.


The Montgomery County Tax Claim Bureau (610-278-1217) collects delinquent taxes due in years prior to 2011.


All delinquent SEWER/REFUSE FEES are collected by the Cheltenham Accounting Department (215-887-6200, ext. 148). Provide your first and last name, the property address and your contact number when calling. Please note, interest and penalty accrue daily on delinquent SEWER/REFUSE FEES and may ultimately lead to Sheriff Sale of the property, even if real estate tax payments are current.