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Commissioners Thoughts on Charlottesville
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Board of Commissioners thoughts about Charlottesville, presented at the Board meeting on August 16, 2017.
“The horrific scenes which we saw on TV and in the newspapers this past weekend, scenes of crowds of lighted torches and swastikas, representing pro-Nazi, anti-Semitic and white supremacist views, are profoundly disturbing. They remind us of scenes from the 19th century after the Civil War and in the early-to-mid twentieth century when the KKK was a significant force in the country. They were chilling and mind-blowing and intimidating shows of force which are abhorrent and cannot be tolerated. They made us wonder whether anything had really changed since those times many decades ago.

This is not a political issue. Rather, as an entire community we owe it to ourselves to continue to be loud and clear that the hatred and violence which we saw in Charlottesville cannot be accepted anywhere but especially IT IS NOT CHELTENHAM; it is not any part of Cheltenham; it, quite simply, is not who we are. It is contrary to the values of Cheltenham, to our human values of openness, diversity, respect for others, and a commitment to inclusiveness and to knowledge and understanding of one another in a pluralistic society. We must fight to maintain these values to protect the precious social fabric of our wonderful community.

In Charlottesville the hatred and violence resulted in the death of Heath Heyer, the death of two Virginian State Police Officers and injured many others. Let us hope for the speedy recovery of all who were injured and, please, join us in a moment of silence in honor and memory of Heather Heyer and Officers Cullen and Bates.

Thank you. And now we return to our regular agenda with the hope that we will not again be faced with another unscheduled agenda item like this one.”


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