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P & I Associates
Phone: 215-887-2391
PA Capital Management
Phone: 215-881-7700
PA Foot and Ankle Association
Phone: 215-881-7700
Packaged Electrical Power
Phone: 215-886-9444
Paint Company
Phone: 215-885-4999
Palinurus Ant Books
Phone: 215-884-2297
Pampering Plus
Phone: 215-881-8902
Panco Management of DE
Phone: 201-556-0900
Paper Boutique
Phone: 215-886-0805
Para, Inc.
Phone: 215-849-2144
Paradise Fashion
Phone: 215-224-0915
Paragon Contractors
Phone: 215-635-9825
Parec Wyncote Associates
Phone: 215-635-9825
Paris Baguette
Phone: 215-635-2790
Park Plates
Park Plates is a casual dining restaurant located 20 minutes north of Center City Philadelphia, in a beautiful commercial neighborhood in Elkins Park. It is the brainchild of Chefs Locke Johnston and Owen Lee. With extensive experience working in t
Phone: 215-782-3663
Park`s Glenside Custom Cleaners
Phone: 215-886-8310
Parkhurst Dining Services @ Arcadia University
Phone: 215-572-2096
Paschal`s Financial Services
Phone: 215-782-9100
Paskill and Stapleton 
Phone: 215-572-7938
Passions Hair Design
Phone: 215-886-3051
Phone: 215-572-7770
Patricia Cougherty Glass Studio
Phone: 215-635-2381
Paul G. and Judith M. Owen
Phone: 215-885-1070
Paul L. Berenbaum, MD
Phone: 215-663-1177
Paul R. Greenwald, CPA
Phone: 215-887-1190
Paul Ross, Jewelsmith
Phone: 215-ME5-0555
Pay Half
Phone: 215-935-0392
Payless Shoe Source
Phone: 714-888-2806
Payless Shoe Source
Phone: 215-884-3423
Payton Woodcraft
Phone: 215-741-1699
Peas in a Pod Produce
Phone: 215-887-2719
Pediatric Healthcare for Kids
Phone: 215-376-6801
Pediatric Occupational Therapy
Phone: 215-782-2242
Pennsylvania Construction Company
Phone: 215-635-8800
Pennsylvania Group Benefits
Phone: 215-379-0866
Penrose Medical
Phone: 215-276-8788
Pension Analysis Consultants
Phone: 215-635-3884
Perfect Fhoto
Phone: 267-318-8975
Perfect Fit Remodelers Inc.
home remodeling company
Phone: 215-740-8105
Perfect Square
Phone: 215-292-5934
Performance Leaders
Phone: 215-635-0757
Personal Financial Analyst
Phone: 215-887-8090
Personal Touch Hospice Inc
Phone: 215-992-5420
Pest Control Marketing
Phone: 215-782-1150
Peter J. Pinnola, Esquire
Phone: 215-635-3070
Peter Sandler Editorial Services 
Phone: 215-886-5988
Phila Dollar City
Phone: 215-887-3616
Philadelphia Gastroenterology Consultants
Phone: 215-742-9900
Philadelphia Mortgage Service
Phone: 215-663-5765
Philadelphia Smart Home
Phone: 215-782-8797
Philadelphia Vision Center  
Phone: 215-885-8500
Phoebe Wyncote Independent Units
Phone: 215-885-8500
Photo Express
Phone: 267-581-1165
Piercing Pagoda
Phone: 215-691-0437
Pierre and Carlo at Trilogy
Phone: 215-572-6300
Pita Pocket Eatery
Vegetarian Middle Eatery
Phone: 215-680-6676
Pizza Box
Phone: 215-576-5255
Plank Distributing Company
Phone: 610-649-9815
Plato Painting and Home Services
Phone: 215-576-8232
Plutonian Music
Phone: 215-884-4920
Phone: 215-572-5000
Point of View Vending
Sales of Sports Novelties
Phone: 267-221-9658
Polandi Payroll Services
Phone: 215-600-2652
Polyclinic Medical Associates
Phone: 215-886-4869
Pony Express Enterprises
Phone: 215-887-6380
Pool Night Studios
Phone: 215-932-9537
Poopie Scooper R Us
Phone: 215-379-0183
Porrini Automotive Center
Phone: 215-ME5-4236
Pot Luck
Phone: 215-885-3921
Premier Consultants
Phone: 215-576-6505
Premier Financial Group
Phone: 215-887-4750
Premier Group Insurance
Phone: 215-663-8998
Premier Group Insurance, LLC
Providing all types of insurance. Home, auto, business and life. We also sell insurance for contractors, hard to insure buildings (vacant and under renovation) mixed use building, properties with claim histories and we service the real estate market
Phone: 215-663-8998
Prime Closing Services
Phone: 215-635-8000
Primerica Financial Services
Phone: 877-887-0189
Primex Centers
Phone: 215-TU7-7500
Prince Tailors
Phone: 215-885-2065
Princeton Information Tech Center
Phone: 215-576-7377
pripstein + davies architects
Architectural firm
Phone: 267-243-4276
Prism Graphics
Phone: 215-782-1600
Pro Floor Sanding
Phone: 215-782-1958
Pro Line
Phone: 215-517-7543
Pro-Tec Services and Security 
Phone: 215-884-2752
Procurement Professionals
Phone: 218-885-5700
Produce Junction
Phone: 215-572-8829
Productive Leadership
Phone: 215-421-1182
Professional Healthcare Institute
Phone: 215-782-8810
Progressive Health Care Services
Phone: 845-294-7473
Protea Group, The
Phone: 845-294-7473
ProTo Type Services
Phone: 215-635-5939
Prudential Insurance 
Phone: 215-635-6789
PSA Healthcare
Phone: 215-887-4009
Psycare Solutions
Phone: 215-885-9700
Psycholinguistic Technologies
Phone: 215-885-9700
PWM Professional Consulting
Phone: 215-498-1367
Pyramid Dental Labs
Phone: 215-635-2010
Cheltenham Township   ~   8230 Old York Road   ~   Elkins Park, PA 19027   ~   Hours: M-F, 8AM-4:30PM
Phone: 215-887-1000   ~   Fax: 215-887-1561
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